Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Tea Time & Dress Up

Instead of going to class this morning I met my mother and grandmother for breakfast at Adele's in Carson City. I enjoyed cappuccino and biscotti with vegetarian delights while the others had coffee and eggs benedict. Afterwards, we retired to my mom's house where they let me play dress up in some of my mom and grandma's old vintage clothing. 

Most of these dresses are too small for me. Maybe someday they'll fit just right. The shoe photos are my mother's legs and feet. They're both size 6, which is too small for me. 
My grandma used to have a shop in Incline Village where she sold her art and other crafty things. This vintage boys swim outfit from the early 1900s was on display in her shop. 

The little ballet suit once fit me and I fondly remember running around like a little ballerina in it often. Who here remembers Jamiroquai? If you know him, let him know I have a hat for him. 
I apologize the photo quality is poor. I only had my iPhone, terrible lighting and my grandma's oxygen cord in the background.

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