Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Sheer Shame

It's happened to all of us. Realizing a garment is COMPLETELY 
see through far too late. That was me at school this afternoon.
The middle-aged man eyeing me in the Joe makes so much sense now. 
I have this really great sweater that, when I first started wearing it, showed
just the right about of skin. Now, it's a bit too worn out. 
These photos were far too busty to post un-cropped. 

Crossword puzzle newspaper
print + Tuff Scent nail polish 

Skirt, saddle shoes - UO
Call girl sweater - FP
Belt - Thrifted
Caffeine - Bibo 


  1. Bahahaha oh man do I identify with that sentiment. I wish I could have bumped into your indecently exposed self today ;)

  2. It's a damn good thing I had Erin take these pictures fairly early in my day. It wasn't until we were going through them I realized what a little harlot I was. Erin claims the sweater wasn't "THAT bad." I say horse shit.