Thursday, February 2, 2012

Swedish Do It Better

Well, aside from getting suck ass news from Amazon regarding
an important book ordered weeks ago and my car taking a 
mother fucking dump, today was a great day.
What does a busted VW Bug and a broken down WRX have in common?
They both belong to me. Zing! 

Ralph Lauren blazer - vintage gift from La Vie En Clothes
Granny sweater, boots - UO
Jeans - Acne (!!!!!!!!)

This is how Acne ships their goods. So sexy. 
Nothing makes my loins throb more than coming home
to a nicely wrapped package. Wink.
Especially when that package is from Sweden.
But really, these jeans rock my world. And they'll only
get better with age. They're raw so I'm going to be
doing a nice soak demonstration with them later on.

Speaking of nice packages, these were on my doorstep
when my mom dropped me off at home tonight. 
She even bought me a Swiss Orange Chip milkshake
from Swensen's on our ride to Reno because she felt 
bad for me. Huzzah pity! 

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