Monday, February 27, 2012

Where The Enemy Sleeps

I woke up today at 6am for an invigorating morning run (really, I'm not pulling your leg) and already had my colorful spring-y outfit picked out in my head for my school day. I took one look outside and was startled to find snow, LOTS of snow. So I went back to sleep for several more hours. I basically lost all ambition for my day. I ended up throwing on some boring ensemble, went to school, came home and did chores for the remainder of the day.

What I'm trying to say is I don't have an outfit post for today. So I've decided to take this opportunity to do one of my favorite things some of my favorite bloggers do. That's give you a tour of their house. I, however, am a struggling college student so a tour of my darling bedroom will have to suffice. 
I really enjoy my bedroom because there's a lot of different tastes and character packed into one tiny space.
This is my sewing station complete with antique chair, table and sewing basket.

The lighting in my room is horrendous and therefore forced me to use the flash on my camera to capture this very special charcoal drawing my grandma gave me. I'm sorry for the glare and poor quality.

The real chaos begins here. 
Look at my cute little army of lipsticks and Tuff Scent nail polishes.

So many treasures! Silk scarves, gifts of paintings and photographs, live plants, a homemade headdress, a vintage suitcase, books on great artists and my favorite of all favorites - Shepherd's laughing Jesus picture he found at a garage sale. I managed to talk him into giving it to me during a visit.

I wish I could get a better shot of my giant, young Mickey Rooney picture that Sarah sold me for pennies. It's pretty silly and fabulous. Also pictured are some posters I've collected at random. The Dead Kenny G's is from a soggy telephone pole in Portland. The other two were stolen from the walls of Cal Poly during a trip to visit Shepherd.
Also pictured are a couple handfuls of shoes and boots I can't get enough of at the moment.

So that's it. Maybe someday I'll show you my closets. 

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