Saturday, February 25, 2012

Spontaneous Excursions

I received a much needed phone call early this morning (if you call 9:30 early for a Saturday at least) from my lovely friend Michelle. She invited me to come along on a mini-venture to take some photographs of our neighboring mountains. I agreed on the condition that we get coffee and she allow me to take pictures of her taking pictures. 
Isn't she a gem?

Pullover - Patagonia
Jeans - Acne
Desert boots - Shulifer & Shoes
Forest beanie, mustard scarf - UO


  1. Great post - amazing photos! Keep up the good work!
    Following your blog now ... hope you'll check mine out too!


  2. I like the second photo. It is always good to have a camera backup!
    Interested in following each other?
    X, Ancia