Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Acne Raw Denim Treatment

My weekend was uneventful due to my lack of automobile. 
With my new found time and house arrest state, I decided to break
my new Acne Hep Raw jeans in. Here are the steps:
Step 1: Get bitchin' raw denim at an incredible price.
Step 2: Draw a bath and cook. 
The bathwater temperature greatly depends on how well
your raws fit already. Very loose, very hot. Pretty perfect, pretty warm.
Mine was fairly hot (and miserable). Stay in as long as you can stand.
Tub water before soak
Tub water after soak
I wish the pictures showed how crazy navy my bathwater was
after the soak. Blue enough to dye a ring around the tub. 
Definitely prepare yourself to trip blue dye everywhere.
i.e. put towels down to avoid dying floor, rugs, tile, dogs, whatever. 
I have an all white bathroom so this was terrifying for me. 
Step 3: Relax!
Kick your feet up by a warm fire or a sunny window. 
It's going to be a long, soggy day otherwise. 
Complete your daily chores in your damp jeans to get
all the right folds and creases started. Or you can nap all
day like me. 
CAUTION: Sit on a damn towel you window licker!
Step 4: Wear and wear and wear and wear your jeans to 
break them in and make them perfectly lovable. 
Hell, i'm wearing mine right now. The biggest change I saw
immediately after my soak is I lost about two inches of length
and I had more booty room. These are both very good things. 

So that's it. In about a month of regular wear you'll start to
see them changing, becoming softer and more worn looking.
These will only get better with age. 
I cannot take all the credit for this process. I was taught these
steps by an ex boyfriend who will remain unnamed. 
Cheers, sweet thang. 


  1. Great post! So with these Acne's did you size up from your regular American premium denim size or stay the same? Thinking of getting myself the same pair.

    1. I ordered my regular waist size. They were a bit snug at first but formed and stretched to fit my waist after I did the soak. Don't be freaked out if they are snug at first they will stretch out. I hope you enjoy them!