Thursday, February 16, 2012

Classic Cars & Vintage Dresses

Yesterday morning I walked outside to find it had snowed.
I also found that my car cover had slid off.
This displeases me but as you can see in these pictures,
I've yet to fix the problem. How lucky am I that it stopped
sliding just before my patchy sunroof was exposed.

Vintage dress - Tea N Tulips
Collared dress (under) - Forever 21
Knee highs, scalloped booties - UO

I also made this bow tie to complete the outfit before going to school.
It's a tad janky and flaccid, but it does the trick. 
And it matches my Tuff Scent nail polish perfect.

A special thanks to my pal Ryan for snapping these shots for me.
He captured my clumsiness perfectly in the first two photos. 
Isn't he adorable? And/or creepy?