Monday, February 20, 2012

Grown Ass Woman

Ugh. My little baby sister is all grown up and going to prom.
Where did the time go? I'm old and achy now. 
We set out to find the perfect prom dresses for my sister, Brandi
and our good friend, Crystal. 
We managed to find the winners at David's Bridal, our first stop.
Crystal's dress turned out the be the first one she tried.
Look at my gorgeous girls! 

Brandi was able to find something loud and funky 
just like her. Isn't she prettiest of pretties? 

Crystal found her fairytale princess dress. 

I couldn't get my tiny mother to hold still long enough to 
take a photo. We were human clothing racks and 
zipper robots. 

I tried to find some photos of me in my prom dress. Turns
out the night wasn't documented too well. Here's what I 
came up with. 

Sheesh, has it already been five years? The first picture
is with my pal Juliet, the second is with Breanna, 
the last is of my date Jason and I slowly
making our way to his car. 
As you can see I didn't care for the "traditional" style 
prom dress. 
I'm just glad I've since learned how to walk in heels. 

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  1. Where's the pic of how awesome I look in a black and pink tux?