Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Hey Mickey!

While most coeds travel to exotic locations for tan lines and hangovers,
I prefer to spend my spring break with my grandma at Disney Land.
Every year, never fails. We love that mouse. 

Shirt, skirt, knee-highs - UO
Clutch - BCBG
Tights - Ann Taylor
Sunglasses - Forever 21
Jeffrey Campbell booties - eBay

Monday, January 30, 2012

This Is Your Brain On Moi

reblogged from nikkilipstick

reblogged from nikkilipstick
And I don't know why. 
Now get the flip off my inspiration board.

Sunday, January 29, 2012


I feel like such a spoiled little bitch right now and I love it.
My mother and I spent the afternoon shopping and food touring.
I'm the happiest kitten. 

Cape, headband - FP
Jeans, gloves - UO
Jeffrey Campbell boots, clutch - Fine 'n Funky
Tee - Death From Above 1979 show!!! 

Hey, new hair! Hot dog!
I like my hair like I like my men - short and dark.
That's not right. 

If you want bitchin' hair like me you need to go to my 
sweet thang Tiffani in Carson City. She's worth the drive.
Trust me.
Tiffani Bonaldi 
Salon Chocolat

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Oil Stains & Parking Stripes

After meeting for lunch at two different Thai restaurants yesterday,
Natalie and I finally got our shit together.  
We shot these a few doors down. 
I just love the looks we get when we do these shoots in arbitrary locations. 

Blouse - J Crew
Cords, utility belt, bag - FP
Sunglasses - borrowed from Natalie

I flippin' LOVE these extreme corduroy flares from Free People. 
I normally hate corduroy. It's just gross.  
Who the hell wants to listen to their thighs rubbing together all day?
But these, perfection. Super comfortable and very flattering. 

Friday, January 27, 2012


I had to leave class today because I couldn't stop sneezing. 
I know it doesn't sound that bad but trust me, it got gross. 
That's all I'm going to say. 
It's only day two of this class and i'm already "that girl."
Look! Preppy meets grunge. 

Jumper - FP
Pull-on jean - UO
Shirt - vintage gift (Thanks Gabbi!)
Socks - Betsey Johnson
Boots - thrifted gift (Thanks LTB!) 
Bag - vintage gift

I also did this today! 

- Tuff Scent Passion nail polish - It smells like ginger!
- Newspaper clippings
- Vodka

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Indian Summer

Monday we had snow and Wednesday was in the 60s.
I took this opportunity to pull out my favorite high-waisted
jeans from the summer. They're so LOUD. I love 'em. 
I can really only wear high-waisted jeans because I have
a HUGE ass. Don't believe me? See photo three. 
What's better than one bold color? Three! 
As long as it's tastefully done of course. 

Sweatshirt, Jeffrey Campbell boots - Fine 'n Funky
Jeans - UO
Wayfarer Pack - LAYERxlayer

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Soul Sucker

This was yesterdays outfit. Also day two of this stupid/dumb/annoying cold.
You don't even have to look all that closely to see that
this thing is sucking the life out of me. 
This was the best ensemble I could manage feeling the way I did.
I do feel a lot better today though. Yip! 
My lovely friend Erin was nice enough to walk down to the quad
with me to snap a few shots after class. 

Coat, boots - Free People
Shirt, socks, gloves - UO
Skirt, belt - Fine 'n Funky
Bag - vintage gift

This bag is very special to me. It was a gift to my grandmother 
from my uncle Terry. Uncle Terry passed away some years ago.
He absolutely adored my sisters and I. And us, him. 
My grandma was kind enough to give this bag to me because 
she knew I would treasure it. Thanks gram!

Monday, January 23, 2012

Back To School Blues

Today was my last first day of school. 
That's right. Come May, i'll have a degree I will never use.
Then I'm off to France. 
Last night I went to bed to the sound of rain and felt great. 
I woke up to snow and a cold. 
I don't mind the weather. I do mind being sick. 
My first outfit post! HUZZAH!

Faux fur coat, gloves, boots - Urban Outfitters
Floral slip, leggings - Free People
Dress, Tuff Scent nail polish, ring - Fine 'n Funky

I love this outfit. It's so girly and elegant. 
If you look closely, you can see snowflakes falling in the shots. 
My mother gifted me this faux fur jacket for Christmas because
I told her i would die if I didn't own it. I love it despite the shedding.
Fine 'n Funky is a local store here in Reno. They are having an
incredible sale. I snagged this gorgeous dress there yesterday. 
I also picked up this Tuff Scent polish while I was visiting. 
I'm the only person to have this color as of now. My beautiful 
photographer and Tuff Scent PR girl, Natalie, poured this for
me special. It's called "Witty". Get it? 
I may not have any Nobel Prizes in my name but having a 
nail polish is pretty cool too. 
Hopefully it will be paired with the perfect scent (fingers crossed
for something floral) and be available for purchase soon. They
have a ton of other colors and scents. Check 'em out. 

Sunday, January 22, 2012


Business first
ChewZeFat will be changing slightly. 
You'll still get random posts about overpriced high fashion,
good looking men and freaky videos. 
On top of that I will now be posting my daily looks so you
can get a taste of how I live and style myself using vintage, 
thrifted items, designer clothing and my own designs on a regular basis.
Another cool thing is happening.
Myself and a partner are launching a Reno style blog. 
We will be photographing Reno-ites and posting on their unique styles. 
We are still shooting and gathering inspirations.
Be patient. 

Now the pleasure

Acne - Alice Silk Platform Pump
Dr. Martens - Floral 1460 Lace-Up Boot
Jeffrey Campbell - Tapestry Damsel Wedge
Minimarket - Flat Lace-Up Cut Out

Sunday, January 15, 2012