Sunday, January 29, 2012


I feel like such a spoiled little bitch right now and I love it.
My mother and I spent the afternoon shopping and food touring.
I'm the happiest kitten. 

Cape, headband - FP
Jeans, gloves - UO
Jeffrey Campbell boots, clutch - Fine 'n Funky
Tee - Death From Above 1979 show!!! 

Hey, new hair! Hot dog!
I like my hair like I like my men - short and dark.
That's not right. 

If you want bitchin' hair like me you need to go to my 
sweet thang Tiffani in Carson City. She's worth the drive.
Trust me.
Tiffani Bonaldi 
Salon Chocolat


  1. Hair is GORGEOUS. I think I have to steal that cape.

  2. Whoa I am digging that Death from Above tee!! And i love the edgy cut (I wish I could rock short hair like that). I must say that I really like your style!

    1. Jupiter, thank you so much! You can have edgy hair too! Trust me, up until about 5 years ago I had long, naturally blonde hair and then i said off with it. And i'm so glad I did.

  3. Oh you gals are too sweet. Death From Above is one of my favorites. If you ever get an opportunity to see them live, don't miss it. I feel like the older I get, the darker I dye my hair. Aging is a strange thing.