Thursday, August 11, 2011

Tuff Scent

Do you have boobs? 
Do you know anyone who has boobs?
What about finger and toenails? 
Any takers have a nose?
If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, welp, good for you!
Oh! Also, you might be interested in Tuff Scent.

I know what you're thinking. 
"Whittney, you're a window-licker. Why should I care about stupid nail polish?"
This isn't your standard run-of-the-mill polish. It has super powers.
Scented super powers.
If that's not enough to sell you, how 'bout this, 
$1 of every bottle purchased goes to breast cancer awareness and research. 
Still not enough?
Fine, you tease. 
The stuff is made in the USA and bottled in Reno. 
AND it was featured on Oprah. 
BOOM. Your mind is now blown. 
Now go support your doggon nails, boobs and community!

Smells like: Pineapple Kiwi

Smells like: Lemongrass & ginger

Pick it up online or at a Fine 'N Funky location in Reno or Tahoe.

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