Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Spring Break II

I've been going through the photos on my iPhone from the past week wishing it wasn't over. I've found myself lusting for more, more of everything - incredible food, smooth caffeinated delights, my dearly missed friends and family, grandpa's bitchin' bmw, fresh cut flowers and the beautiful scenery and weather of California. So, I've enclosed some of my favorite photos from my week spent in Newport Beach. 

There's something about heart shaped breakfast cereal, sunflowers and cool, minty pants that makes me the happiest kitten. 

Friday, March 23, 2012

Spring Break

I'm on spring break getting wet and wild with my fellow co-eds at Lake Havasu!!!! 
Kidding. I'm not terrible.
I started my break traveling to San Francisco with my friend and photographer extraordinaire, Erin, to wrap up a styling and costuming project she commissioned me (with sex) to do for her. Now, I'm in Newport Beach with my grandparents. We spent the day in San Diego yesterday and met up with my uncle who was visiting from back east for work. Today, I was reunited with my dear friend Sarah for some much needed hang time. We had incredible coffee and eats at Portola Coffee lab, !!received free ice cream scoops!!, saw the Hunger Games with a kazillion tweens and finished the best day at Bruxie gourmet waffle sandwiches.
I've included a few photos from my day. Please understand that I'm terrified of butterflies and by default, their dirty cousins - moths, so the photo of me squatting in fear is purely for your enjoyment. 
Blouse - vintage, Tea 'n Tulips
Best heart jumper - Fine 'n Funky
Minty pants - UO (thanks grandpa!)
Wedges - Wanted
Dreamy backyard and moths brought to you by Sarah!

1. Banana Nutella waffle yum yum with sweet cream
2. Veggie waffle yum yum with yum yum and waffle fries
3. Meat waffle yuck yuck (Sarah)

Monday, March 19, 2012

Wildfox x Jeffrey Campbell

The Wildfox x Jeffrey Campbell collection went on pre-order today!
Shoe lovers all over the world are creaming their pants over this collection. Somehow, I convinced my mom, on her own birthday, that my birthday is close enough to  invest in the pink ballet platforms for me. To be honest, she didn't take much convincing. I get my shoe addiction from her after all. Unfortunately they won't be arriving until June. BOOOOOO!
But what a lovely surprise I will get this summer when the magical shoe stork drops them on my doorstep.

In other news, today my lovely mother is 36 years old (again) today. We had a stellar time drunk bowling and embarrassing my baby sis. 

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

School Girl Drama

There's a trick I like playing on people on extremely windy days like today. I wear a skirt or dress thats relatively short and fluffy. Then I walk around like I don't give a shit. It's not even a perverted thing to secretly want a gust of wind to blow up the clothing of others. It's just damn funny. So I do this and when the wind blows just hard enough my dress reveals a hidden tube skirt protecting my dignity. Ha, suckers. 
Dress - vintage, Tea N Tulips
Belt - garage sale
Scarf, boots, knee highs - UO

Friday, March 9, 2012

Sunshine & Sailors

Another lovely day in Reno! Sadly, I wasn't able to spend much time enjoying the sunshine. I did sneak off to my backyard for a catnap though. 
Sorry for my lack of outfit posts lately. I haven't been cruising around town naked, I've just been crazy busy with school.
Tonight is my sassy friend, Erin's Barbie themed birthday party because today is also Barbie's birthday. I'll try to snap a few photos of my vintage Barbie outfit along with the other Barbie girls. Bon soir!

Sailor crop top - Vintage, Tea n Tulips
High waisted mustard jeans - UO
Ruby slippers - Blowfish 
Clutch - eBay

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

KONY 2012

If you haven't seen this, you need to. 
I wish I could say we are all born equal. Sadly, some of us don't stand a chance.
I'm so tired of people whining and moaning over the lack of change in the world.
Well, if you're not happy, CHANGE IT YOUR GODDAMN SELF. 
That's exactly what these people are doing and I'm throwing my hat into the ring to help. Please, please, please share this video and support and way you can.

Don't act like you don't have 30 minutes to watch this video. Put down your phone and porridge and make time.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Weekend From Hell

Ugh. The last few days have been absolute hell. My grandma suffered a heart attack Friday night. It started out pretty major at and we were all pretty panicked and scared. I never left her side in the hospital which caused me to lose a lot of sleep and fall pretty behind on my schoolwork. Being the stubborn person she is, she fought it and is now home and doing much better.
 I feel like I may have picked up a bug from living in the hospital for the past couple of days. I spent most of today in bed resting, eating vegetable soup and catching up on homework. I was able to sneak out for a couple hours to visit with Natalie and enjoy the incredible weather (66 degrees today).

Doll cult tee - Nikki Lipstick
Skirt - Vintage/Thrifted (It was originally a dress, I turned it into a skirt)
Penny Loves Kenny platform sandals, belt - Fine N Funky
Clutch - eBay

Natalie was looking adorable today. After much convincing, she let me snap a photo of her. Also, check out our matching iPhone cases from Etsy.