Monday, March 19, 2012

Wildfox x Jeffrey Campbell

The Wildfox x Jeffrey Campbell collection went on pre-order today!
Shoe lovers all over the world are creaming their pants over this collection. Somehow, I convinced my mom, on her own birthday, that my birthday is close enough to  invest in the pink ballet platforms for me. To be honest, she didn't take much convincing. I get my shoe addiction from her after all. Unfortunately they won't be arriving until June. BOOOOOO!
But what a lovely surprise I will get this summer when the magical shoe stork drops them on my doorstep.

In other news, today my lovely mother is 36 years old (again) today. We had a stellar time drunk bowling and embarrassing my baby sis. 

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  1. those shoes are amazingggg!! love u best bud <3 MWAH