Friday, March 23, 2012

Spring Break

I'm on spring break getting wet and wild with my fellow co-eds at Lake Havasu!!!! 
Kidding. I'm not terrible.
I started my break traveling to San Francisco with my friend and photographer extraordinaire, Erin, to wrap up a styling and costuming project she commissioned me (with sex) to do for her. Now, I'm in Newport Beach with my grandparents. We spent the day in San Diego yesterday and met up with my uncle who was visiting from back east for work. Today, I was reunited with my dear friend Sarah for some much needed hang time. We had incredible coffee and eats at Portola Coffee lab, !!received free ice cream scoops!!, saw the Hunger Games with a kazillion tweens and finished the best day at Bruxie gourmet waffle sandwiches.
I've included a few photos from my day. Please understand that I'm terrified of butterflies and by default, their dirty cousins - moths, so the photo of me squatting in fear is purely for your enjoyment. 
Blouse - vintage, Tea 'n Tulips
Best heart jumper - Fine 'n Funky
Minty pants - UO (thanks grandpa!)
Wedges - Wanted
Dreamy backyard and moths brought to you by Sarah!

1. Banana Nutella waffle yum yum with sweet cream
2. Veggie waffle yum yum with yum yum and waffle fries
3. Meat waffle yuck yuck (Sarah)

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