Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Remembering Shelly

I try to keep things lighthearted and cute here at ChewZeFAT. With that being said, the name of the blog gives me complete freedom to talk about anything. Plus, It's my blog so I can do whatever the hell I want. 
Today would have been my wonderful Aunt Shelly's 52nd birthday. While I know I should be celebrating her life today, I always have a hard time doing so because it was stolen from her. Today's post is in her honor. She was kind, quirky and beautiful. If she were here today we would have put flowers in our hair, danced barefoot in the grass and laughed until we cried. So here's to you, Shelly. 

Dress, Jeffrey Campbell Lita's - Fine N Funky 
Coach purse - eBay

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