Thursday, June 14, 2012

On Vacation

Okay, so I'm not really on vacation. Quite the opposite in fact. Well, that's a lie too. I don't have a very demanding work schedule and I take a lot of naps. I've just really been enjoying post-graduate life with my best friends the past few days. I really feel like I'm on an unforgettable vacation. We've been to the beach, made an outrageously dangerous bonfire, cruised around in my tiny VW, toasted peanut butter s'mores, made mojitos, watched sporting matches and just enjoyed each others company. I started a new job today. I'm still a legal secretary but I'm now waiting tables to earn some extra France money.
I know that it looks like I'm wearing some sort of hideous cowgirl hat in this photo but I assure you it's actually a darling floppy beach hat. 

Swimsuit - Black Milk Clothing
Skirt - Forever 21
Darling floppy beach hat - Unknown - possibly stolen from my little sister 

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  1. Wow that´s a swim suit. I need some beach vacation too :D